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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Veena Malik

On Express 24/7 TV our thoroughly amazing Kamran C. Shahid has told us all what crap our TV journalism really is. 

Veena Malik was brought on to a show that started with some scenes which don't usually inhabit our TV screens … except, of course, in 'foreign movies' and in some 'Indian movies'. No offense, of course, since that's what most of our people watch the TV for when not playing DVDs.

The host started - and continued - the program with very little to say other than really stupid things about Veena. Why did she not represent Pakistan? Why did she not represent Islam? Why, in India, was she not even more Pakistani and more Muslim than in any other country - because our image demands that?


Regardless of his own idiocy, he also had a mulla[h] on the program - a chappie who can run you into the ground by pronouncing a fatva. Poor mulla[h]. He did say several times that she had been gifted by you-know-who for her beauty. But he wasn't expecting to be beaten to shit by Veena.

Despite the mad statements that Kamran made, and the marvelously amusing lecture the mulla[h] gave - without ever having seen Veena, he confessed - Veena went into her own arguments and gave all the viewers tons of things to think of: Rapes by mulla[h]s of the children they teach; Corruption; Murder; Bombings. You name it, it was there.

Veena went on to talk about all the good things she had done, too - and the lack of the media's responses to those. She said she was an entertainer and went there as one. She did nothing that was bad in her view.

Maybe it does not strike you as being right - but that's you. This was her.

Yesterday's interview put my heart at rest:
— Yes. Kamran is really a load of BS.
— Yes. Mulla[h]s are useless when they start taking other people's words and then issue edicts.

Thanks a lot, Veena. You were delightful!

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Blogger Komal Ali said...

Thanks for speaking my mind out. She deserves appreciation for speaking up boldly unlike most other women in our country...and that too when she is aware of the consequences.
*thinks about Salman taseer*
You know what I mean.

22 January, 2011 23:59


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