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Monday, January 10, 2011

Maudoodi : Jinnah kay baaray mayƱ

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Anonymous Rizwan Noor said...

"Come all ye unfaithful..."

At times, pages and pages are not suffient to describe you, to inspire others. On the other hand, a single line would do the trick effeciently.
I dont remeber how I reached your blog, But I remember the sheer pleasure I had now after reading your posts. I like your ramblings, thoughts.

Meet me, I am Rizwan Noor. A tech savvy, researcher at Hanyang University South Korea, love to blog about Tech, from Vehari, Now Seoul, more divided in thoughts than our nation.I like dissident, So I liked you.

10 January, 2011 13:17

Anonymous Vic said...

Please do essay a translation to English, or point to one if it has already been done.

10 January, 2011 14:37

Blogger Atif Khan said...

Being as-ho-e is a prerequisite for being a mulla

14 January, 2011 23:59


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