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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feels good!

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Anonymous Vic said...

What utter crap!

I refer to your post entitled "Chhotay Naana" which is clearly dated Aug 30, 2010. Less than sixty days ago, definitely.

With such disregard for precision in numbers, I am surprised your maritime career did not include the kind of navigational surprises that so well characterised the late Lord Louis 'Dickie' Mountbatten, who was well known for his inability to guide a ship anywhere without chipping off a piece here or there - of the harbour, or of his ship (or someone else's).

As is well known, he nearly managed to sink his last major command as well, breaking it in pieces with such aplomb that you and I now find it quite difficult to meet without running the gauntlet of excessive security and insufficient comfort.

25 September, 2010 18:49

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Thank you for calling my Chhotay Naana piece "Shit" ...

27 September, 2010 09:22

Anonymous Vic said...

Hah! Misconstruction through malintended deconstruction.

You undeniably gave a shit when you wrote that wonderful piece.

02 October, 2010 14:52

Blogger Zakintosh said...

I did not give a shit ... Trust me!

02 October, 2010 15:21

Blogger Dae'e Lillah said...

The softness of "Sixty days since the last time I gave a shit" makes it sound almost equivalent to as if it had ended with 'I gave blood' or 'I gave Sadqa' or 'I had a motion', oh, wait, that almost means the same this as the original line... Well, you know what I mean...

09 December, 2010 13:22


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