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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hitchens - The Man I Love & Hate

Mary E. Williams, a writer with Salon magazine, had this to say about him: "He remains a big, fat jerk. And a goddamn genius."

This is the way that many view him and his writings. His Atheism, and most of the arguments for it, are wonderful. His NewCon-ism and political approaches to Iraq and many other issues are often ridiculous. But it's always worth reading him.

There is no 'prayer' one can offer for Christopher - although he does accept the ones that are offered for his cure as people show their wishes through them - but I do have a hope that he will be around for a long while, with much less painful manifestations of his Esophageal Cancer. 

May he continue writing his articles (maybe, even a book) and keep us entertained for as long as he can through TV shows.

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Blogger Vic said...

The Hitch would be delighted to find this blogpost, as would, I am sure, his partner in tart scepticism, Richard Dawkins.

And, I devoutly believe, so would you and many of your Dear Readers, who particularly hunger these days for a good read.

20 August, 2010 13:50

Anonymous Daaniyal said...

as good a read as he was....not for a few years...
his neo-conservatism and utter and foaming at the mouth cheer leading for the travesty that was the Iraq war makes me say this:

'Hope the cancer takes him as painfully as possible'...

He has a become a conduit for the worst kind of Islamophobia.

31 August, 2010 15:44

Blogger Zakintosh said...

@Daaniyal: It's not the will of a supernatural being to decide how to end a man's life at the request or anger of another man.

31 August, 2010 18:05

Blogger Fawad Zakariya said...

Zak, I wish Hitchens the best but I am not particularly impressed. Even when he is brilliant and erudite in spurts I cannot take the man seriously in his entirety. Half the times he seems more interested in ad hominem provocation and verbal jousting than constructing a thorough argument. Here's the single best piece on Hitchens by Ian Buruma in NYRB. It really gets to the essence of the man in my view without any bitterness. Tony Judt, Ian Buruma and Timothy Garton Ash are more my intellectual style, not Hitch and Amis.

02 September, 2010 01:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was never interested in his political stance (mostly because politics never took my fancy) but when he talked about religion, he was great.
Hope cancer doesn't take him. Not just yet.

07 September, 2010 07:41


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