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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cori's family sends this message ...

Our loving and talented daughter/sister Karen Su Ying (Cori) Woo has been tragically taken from us. She was due to be married on her return to the UK.

Her motivation was purely humanitarian. She was a Humanist and had no religious or political agenda.

She wanted the world to know there was more than a war going on in Afghanistan, that people were not getting their basic needs met. She wanted the ordinary people of Afghanistan, especially the women and children, to be be able to receive healthcare. She undertook this trek as a medical doctor, accompanying medical supplies and to provide treatment to people who lived in an extremely remote region who had little to no healthcare available.

Her commitment was to make whatever difference she could. She was a true hero, whilst scared she never let that prevent her from doing things she had to do.

She would not want this tragedy to overshadow the ongoing plight of those still in the greatest of need.

Karen you were an inspiration to everyone you met. You combined brains and beauty, intelligence, drive and kookiness in equal measure. You led an intensely packed and rich life: dancer, model, stunt plane walker, doctor and aid worker. Whatever you set your mind on you did so with passion.

You were the embodiment of seizing the moment. You went through life always believing the best of everyone despite everything you’ve seen.

We are so proud of the work you were doing and all that you have achieved.

You made a difference in people’s lives and for that you will not be forgotten. You will be sorely missed by us, your family and friends, here in the UK, around the world and in Afghanistan.

I hope that the legacy you leave is to inspire others to give love and aid rather than perpetuate hate and violence.

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Blogger Vic said...

News items indicate the bodies were recovered by Pakistani troops - inside Afghanistan? That might just show what a crazy mess the region is, with nation-states nominally imposed by international agreement, but unable to exert true hegemony. A mess not of their own making, but that of a world unwilling to accept that what works in one place does not necessarily do so in another. That ought to be common sense.

While the Afghan Taliban seems to have claimed responsibility for the deaths, it seems more likely that the killers were merely local thugs, whose services are available to the Taliban-type insurgents, in return for which they get 'protection' in the form of specious claims to political (quasi-religious) rebellion

11 August, 2010 11:37


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