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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aman Ki Asha — Are you so-o-o wrong?

Seeing a person spew out hatred after hatred each day, in public, on TV, on media everywhere … and yet you think his death requires an Aman Ki Asha snippet. And to call him an Islamic scholar, without stating any of his reasons, gets even Hindus, Sikhs, and others sending in their RIPs and other 'goodies'.

Every time one encountered him - and it wasn't too often, though - one heard wonderful stories. Women without Hijab were evil. Imran Khan rubbed the ball on his pants and was using it for exciting purposes. Girls had to be treated as lower creatures.

Talking to any person who interpreted Islam differently from him was to see Israr's face get further and further upset and his tone become ruder. His encounters with Ghamdi were hilarious.

I cannot forget that wonderful episode where Israr went on to tell us that the non-Muslims (we won't go into what he thought was a Muslim!) had only two choices in a Muslim World: Convert to Islam or Stay as a #2 Citizen. Of course, if the person you were talking to was an Ahlé Kitaab, he was being given an 'extra special consideration' by Allah: He could convert and stay on as a Muslim, Stay as #2 Citizen, or come to battle and prove that he was justified. Right. Against 96% of the population in Pakistan, for example.

I understand that it would be shameful to jump up and down when someone dies and, yes, there are a lot of his followers in Pakistan and other places. So have his news item. Write reviews about him. Let people even criticize him if they want to, as long as it's decent and not unruly. But let's not have him on Aman Ki Asha.

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Anonymous jz said...

I dont wish to say anything specifically about him now that he's gone but I do feel that people of his ilk should focus on tolerance, humanism, integrity, strength of character and other such virtues that bring people together and make an individual a worthwhile human being - an asset to the community s/he lives in.

They should stop judging others and learn to live and let live. Everyone has a right to live the way s/he wants to and no one should have a right to target anyone for what s/he believes in. What I believe or not believe in is my personal matter and I will never allow anyone to question me, judge me and preach me. This trend of preaching and spreading hate has to stop.

15 April, 2010 13:32

Anonymous naqvi said...


A 'minute of silence' was observed at my brother's institution over his death. Why such respect for someone who, in his very many years on earth, had yet to learn to respect humanity?

16 April, 2010 03:11

Blogger Atif Khan said...

Thankfully one more religious maniac gone.

18 April, 2010 10:18

Anonymous fm said...

Maybe we all could take a leaf out of Christopher Hitchen's book ; this video is of him commenting on Rev. Jerry Falwell's death.

08 May, 2010 03:18

Blogger Basit said...

Shame on such people like you. You people are in fact against each and every bearded Muslim and every such person who talks about Islam is your enemy. You people can't even tolerate the appreciation of such a person. This is your secular extremism.

24 May, 2010 14:24

Blogger Zakintosh said...

I did believe that the person had a sizable following and there was no reason why newspapers and sites should not have anything nice, if they wish, to say about him. I just don't think that Aman Ki Asha had anything to do with him ... it's a site that is supposed to portray the links between India and Pakistan.

My own feelings I have already written about. I said nothing in it that has anything against beards or Islam - though I have, often, criticized some of the stuff that some Muslims do that gives us all a bad name.

24 May, 2010 16:05


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