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Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Jihad to end all Jihads?

On most days, Jigar's shayr 
جہلِ خرد نے دن یہ دكھاےٴ 
گھٹ گےٴ انساں بڑھ گےٴ ساےٴ 
comes to haunt me each time I switch on the TV or read the news. Today, however, this ad caught my eye:
Even to someone not 'into' the Sufi 'system' this seemed innocuous enough, especially given that the alternative being offered to the world is the mad and cruel Talibinized version of Islam and it's equally insane counterparts in other religions. (Well, in most of them, coz I'd really be bowled over if I met a fundamentalist Parsi!)
I mean, imagine, IF all the religions could merge into one big happy family, towards a peaceful unity! No Jihads. No Crusades. No Gujarats. No Pogroms. Wouldn't we - or at least the humans among us - be all for it?
But following the link led me to this fantasy…
one that is crying out to be placed on a pedestal, alongside L Ron Hubbard's con and that of Ramtha, one of the nuts in the group that gave us that well-packaged DVD set of half-truths ('What The Bleep…')
There really IS one born every minute.

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Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

What? No conflict over religion? That would mean increases in allocations for population-control in budgets all over the world, I suppose.


04 April, 2009 23:00

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Religion (any and all of it) is the longest running con-job in history. It is the perfect example and evidence for our inherent ape-ness, fearful little animals we all are.
To expect anything rational from a belief system predicated on irrationality, is insanity (like trying the same thing each time and expecting a different result).
This piffle about "all religions could merge into one large happy family" is not going to get us anywhere. In fact, it only exacerbates the problem by giving pretense that such nonsense is possible.
Might I add, that in this circus of irrationality, the three abrahamic faiths (islam, christianity and judaism) are most pathetic of all - doctrinaire, sado-masochistic rubbish that even ordinary children can see through and reject.

05 April, 2009 14:57

Blogger Zakintosh said...

@anonymous LOL - I did not ever imply that they could ever merge into one big happy family for that would be the only miracle that ever took place in the universe. I just hypothesized ...

but my link to 'imagine' is what i do dream about, perhaps as a bit of an idealist (an essential ingredient of activism).

05 April, 2009 15:34


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