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Sunday, September 14, 2008

PPP's given us an 'acting' woman President

PML could do even better
by giving us a real, full-time one!
Wouldn't she make a great candidate here?
I suggest that PML grab her quickly. She's more attractive than Saeed uz Zaman,
Mushaayad, or, for that matter, AZ himself.
And if the US President, like his predecessors,
wants to screw our President
that'll be an entirely internal US matter.

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Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Another blog-post on the subject that I found rather interesting is at


14 September, 2008 14:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No snowmobiles, no moose (not counting MickeyMoose, of course), and no pork-barrel politics - what will she do to amuse herself?

20 September, 2008 16:05

Anonymous Boretide said...

Up here we're hoping Sarah will be arriving back in Anchorage on a one-way ticket come Nov. 5. As a long-time Alaskan (and Pakistani origin) I want to say that those of us who have followed Sarah for the last two years have known she all flash and no substance. I hope she is like a moth that ventures too close to the bright light and is burned. We'd welcome her back so she can go back to her moose hunting, and cheering First Dude as he roars off on yet another snow machine race. And I hope that in the next election we boot her back from the governor's mansion in Juneau to her home by Lake Lucille in Wasilla, where she can ponder how her polices helped to render that lake dead.

Sarah scares me. I worry about the catastrophe that faces the world if is next line for presidency. Up here we have known she governs without a deep knowledge of issues, but translated on a national and global stage that is a disaster that we can't afford.

21 September, 2008 00:54


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