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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A plug for zEd News

Some of you may be aware that I send out an informal (and free) education e-newsletter, kind of irregularly, to a small list of subscribers - or those recommended by subscribers (with an 'opt out' option, of course). It is heartening to note (when I receive an occasional email, from the unlikeliest of spots, referring to it) that it is also forwarded by some to their own friends . Aimed primarily at the K-12 sector, the content, over years, has featured links to websites, book reviews, introductions to major influential educationists and their ideas - especially the more radical ones - as well as articles culled from other Ed Mags. I have sought permission to include the latter - and received it often, but not always. When the request has neither been acknowledged nor granted, but not explicitly refused, I have gone right ahead and included the pieces (with a reference to the source) and will continue to do so until a cease and desist order finds its way into my Spam Box ;-) ... an unlikely happening, given that the readership is not large enough for bigwigs to bother with. Starting in the new year, this free mailing will now merge my standard education newsletter (usually 1-4 pages long) and its similar sister venture, that focused on education technology, into a single weekly edition under the tongue-in-cheek zEd News masthead which hopes it'll leave its mark. The first few issues will touch upon the following topics: • Corporate Sponsorships & Ed Institutions • Teaching Ethics & Values • The ID Controversy • The New Libraries If you are not among the recipients and wish to subscribe to it, or recommend someone interested in education who may enjoy getting it, please email me and send me the names and email addresses or pass mine to your friends.

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Anonymous Ghazala said...

ZAK, please continue to include me on your list of recipients for zED News, though in the past I have been rather complacent about responding and feedback, but I promise (New Year Resolution) to be more interactive. Your ednews letters opened up an entirely new world of reading writings of people I had never heard of. For this I am immensely grateful to you.

30 December, 2007 12:51


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