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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Someone's a LIAR and no one seems to care!

What a moral world ... and the people who 'run' it. President Musharraf - in a widely seen TV program (60 Minutes - CBS) - said Richard Armitage, the then US Deputy Secretary of State, told Pakistan's intelligence director, "'Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age.'" Armitage says he made no such remark. (In any case, the region he was presumed to be referring to does not need to be bombed into the Stone Age, it is in it already --- Zak) Whoever was Pakistan's Director of Intelligence at that time has not given his comments. So, unless he was lying when he conveyed the message, either Armitage or President Musharraf is a liar. I think the Pakistani and the American public, as well as the world's leading politicians, need an answer so that in future dealings they may be prepared to not take things at face value. Assuming some do so now, of course.

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Anonymous ayesha said...

Frankly, I don't know whats the hue and cry about. We all know that would have happened had Pakistan refused to join the war on "terror". This is primarily why it was in Pakistan's national interests. So why should it bother us so much if the threat was actually articulated?

23 September, 2006 21:57

Anonymous Anand Sharma said...

To my thinking, this post is not about articulation or the absence of it. It is about how far can you misquote things of such a nature. If The intelligence director had not spoken these exact words, would your president and the advisors still have gone as far in his 'co-operation' right away?

24 September, 2006 05:49

Blogger CountryBeautor said...

Regardless of what the man really said (ie, the D of MI - now there's a fine oxymoron), I do hope the poor fellow has been able to retire once again to the comfort of his own little hearth and home, without being more riddled by the paparazzi than the heat his own former ceo (apres moi, les delude!) arranged so publicly for him.

The eloquent phrase "twisting in the wind" comes so picturesquely to one's mind. Ah well, the spoils of war!

06 October, 2006 16:42


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