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Sunday, July 16, 2006

What a fortnight!

Picture this:
My brother-in-law, Tariq, is undergoing Angioplasty at the AKUH. His wife, Afshan, understandably full of anxiety, is also looking after her aunt under-going serious treatment in another ward at the same hospital. Her uncle (said aunt's husband), while visiting his wife, suffers a serious heart attack in the room and is rushed out to emergency. So that makes 3 patients, on separate floors, under the care of Afshan, whom even some AKUH staff assume to be part of their team since she is seen at every floor, elevator, counter and lab frequently.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
I am in a ward, at the NMC, for a hernia surgery. My wife, Nuzhat, is beginning to look like a poster-girl for CBC's Madly Off In All Directions, running between the two hospitals.

Sabeen - usually on hand to help - is trying to do her best with approaching work deadlines, while busy preparing for her mom's surgery at another hospital in the heart of old Karachi.

Dr. Shamim, an old family friend and neighbour, is expected to come and visit me at the hospital and provide the excitement that chats with him usually do, thereby helping me either recuperate quickly or get into an argument that will dislodge the staples I have on my stomach (photo: but not for the squeamish).

The plot thickens:
Come evening, Shamim's driver enters my room to say that Shamim wants to know how I am.

"Where is Shamim?" 
"Oh, take one of these visitor passes and ask him to come up. Dammit, you sneaked in, so could he!" 
"NaheeƱ jee, he is in the ward downstairs." 
"Well, tell him to see me even for a few minutes after he's seen his patient." 
"Sir jee, he is admitted in the ward." 
"He's had a heart attack!" 
Angiography reveals serious blockages and other havoc. He is shifted to the AKUH for a bypass the next morning.

Sabeen's mom has her surgery the next morning.

Fortunately all the characters in the drama are now recovering, at their own pace, in various places.

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Blogger insiya said...

I hope someone up somewhere is taking care of you all.

17 July, 2006 15:33

Anonymous Ghazala said...

lovely pic that, Zak -quite neat, the staples.
Wow, that's a lot happening in he life of one family , at one time -or almost simultaneouly - to make it sound like a Pakistani drama serial.
As long as the story ends with an "all's well that ends well" ending

17 July, 2006 20:45

Blogger the olive ream said...

Hope everyone is feeling better, even those who were not admitted in the hospital but were running around trying to take care of everyone esle.

Hope you're well ZAK and fully recovered by now..

18 July, 2006 12:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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18 July, 2006 17:44


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