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Friday, July 21, 2006

Ayk hee thaelee kay chattay battay ...

Maybe size matters. Pakistan's idiotic ban on Blogger sites (according to some ISPs the extended list from the moderately enlightened Government includes Wikipedia) solicited small protests and big activism from Omer & Co. (and a helpful push from Ethan Casey) - but, on the whole, created no major ripples. 

Secular democratic liberal India's recent, equally stupid ban, on Blogger sites and a host of others, has had big international press. Tickers run across TV Newscasts on the BBC, Web sites spanning the divide are abuzz, even Pakistani newspapers that took (and continue to take) little or no notice of the plight of their fellow citizens are carrying reports.

Amused - but not overly surprised - to hear that some rectoid in an Indian chat group has suggested that his countrymen not take the quick, simple and helpful route provided by Yassir Memon's team because Tiger Memon was responsible for the Bombay Bombings. If Israel bans Blogger and Marvellous Memon provides help, it's his first name that'll cause problems.

Jeez! Why don't the two countries just merge again. It is obvious that the battle-lnes drawn in the 40s no longer exist. The people now share a common religion (Corruption!) and are mentally joined at the arse! Let no man split asunder what idiocy has joined together.

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Blogger Checkmate said...

I agree, Let the merger begin !

21 July, 2006 10:44

Anonymous rayhan said...

'mentally joined at the arse' is so layered! wow!

21 July, 2006 16:03

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

The generosity of the Pakistani blogger community was acknowledged in India, with gratitude, on mainstream media news channels like NDTV 24x7.

I don't know if this can be considered sufficient to make amends, but I did post a comment on Memon's blog to say thanks, at that point of time.

I won't mind if there is a merger.

Even as independent nations, I would love to see Indo-Pak relations being akin to those among member-states of the European Union, where trade and movement of people will be free, so that if I feel like seeing you (or any other friend in Pakistan), I can just give you a call and then hop on to a train or an aeroplane. There will be no requirement for a visa and all I'll need to carry, besides my luggage and some cash and/or a credit card, will be some form of identification like a driving licence or a passport.

However, I don't know if this dream of mine is going to be realised within my lifetime.

16 May, 2007 21:41


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