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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

But I thought our National Bird was the Ostrich ...

The ad in Sinday Times struck me as particularly interesting. Not just because of its acceptance that, despite a ban on Alcohol sales, people are drinking in sufficient numbers for a large enough percentage among them to become alcoholics and keep a project such as Willing Ways going.

Neither was it because the advertising clinic has been acknowledging and treating the problem for 25 years in this Land of the Pure.

It was the use of the male pronoun in describing the prospective patient - which assumes, rightly, that the bulk of them are men - that caught my eye.

The clinic is, after all, situated in Nazimabad, where women are unlikely to drink. Not true of DHA according to the Doctor-on-Duty at the NICVD, where I had taken my wife for a check up after a chest pain last week. He asked her where she lived and, on hearing our address, said, "Oh. Most of the women from there smoke and drink, which causes heart problems." (Talk of sweeping statements! I think they should transfer him from Emergencies to Janatorial Services.)

So, Willing Ways, how about a female alcoholism centre in this area?

The opening line of the body reads: Drinking per se is not a defect of character. Alcoholism is." Now that's really interesting to know.

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Blogger sam said...

that caught my eye too for the same reasons. Also made me wonder when i would hear that the clinic got stoned.
glad to see atleast some acknowledgement of the biggest elephant in the room.

04 May, 2006 17:01

Blogger the olive ream said...

Finally! the mainstream newspaper as well. This calls for a drink!

04 May, 2006 23:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is something wrong with the copy of this ad. you see, it is targetted at the spouse/family member rather than the person who is alcoholic. as they say, it takes two. and, believe me, in this case, the one who imbibes a bit too much needs to be ready himself/herself. it would have been wonderful to see this ad directed at the person in the picture. nice picture, though.


16 May, 2006 07:48

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i visited this place in (71 A jail road) lahore.they treated both male and female alcoholics they have structured treatment programme with very good team of doctors psychatrist psychologist councellers and medical staff.there branches r in lhr islamabad n karachi.they know how to contorl biggest elephant they have miracles.

20 June, 2008 11:45

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