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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hope you had as much fun bringing in the new year as I did

Last night, after an enjoyable barbecue and a post-midnight session, at Sabeen's, by Fareed Ayaz, Abu Mohammad, and the younger humnava fast coming into their own, I had a really great time reciting my favourite pieces of poetry - something that Fareed &c always enjoy a great deal. I chose random ash'aars, and a couple of complete ghazals, since that is what the qavvaals like most (and, quite often, select their future girahs from these).

Given the mood, I left out a poignant nazm, although my mind was buzzing with it. This is why I have decided to share with you: One of my favourites, the brief and haunting Judaaee, by Kaifi Azmi.


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Blogger insiya said...

:'( bhaaan! I didn't have 1/100th the fun you must've had. I was at a mayon singing, "Mairay Naihar Say Aaaj Mujhay Aaya..." :S

03 January, 2006 14:37

Anonymous British Muslim said...

i am so glad my father emigrated here (UK) all those years ago. i just want to turn my back on pakistan, i see no good in it or its people. i dont mean to offend you, and this comment is not intended to be directed at you or your thoughts, just the content and news featured cause me to feel like this. Sad and cowardly i know.

04 January, 2006 04:29

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Dear British MUSLIM

I am not offended at all. You are a citizen of another country and owe your allegiance to the new homeland. It is not cowardice at all, since your father migrated so you can't bear the blame for deserting a sinking ship. And your father, too, may have had a horde of reasons for emigration. No one has the right to pass judgement on any action of another.

I, too, find this place very disappointing, headed towards an abyss from which there is no escape each day. I am not a patriot, either. Patriotism, that Dr Johnson defined as the last scourge of the scoundrel, has caused untlold misery everywhere. However, this is where I live and, therefore, need to make the space around me better. Selfish? Not any more than my need and duty to look after my own child before I can venture out to help a child in war-torn Palestine or Israel, for both of whom (as for millions elsewhere) I also feel very deeply.

Good luck to you in your country. Just make sure you don't let Blair and others turn it into another Pakistan ... Remember, we let this happen to us and cannot deny our own complicity in the creation of the mess we are in. Don't commit the mortal sin of remaining silent. Protest! Difficult, though it may be to shout with a mouth full of McDonald's Burgers!

Finally, the question that I wished to ask of you would have been better in the privacy of an email, but you did not leave an address behind. Hence I am placing it here. Should you ever falter back, I hope you will respond.

On the basis of the logic that causes you to turn your back on Pakistan - seeing 'no good in it or its people' - have you taken a good look at Islam as it being increasingly interpreted today by its leaders, or at Muslims lately? If so, are you considering turning your back on Islam?


04 January, 2006 09:16

Blogger the olive ream said...

I spent new year's eve alone in my apartment. Listening to music and ready 'Without Feathers'. Sounds rather sad but I quite enjoyed it..

BTW, this is the first time I heard 'Judaee' and I was overwhelmed by its brilliance. I am still swaying in its sweet melancholy...

Thank you for sharing it ...

05 January, 2006 20:00

Blogger Shaima said...

i had fun tooooooo.. happy new year to you =)

07 January, 2006 17:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for your observation :) happy new year to you and (now) eid mubarak.i am a great fan of late munshi sahib my self and now his nephew fareed ayyaz...try to catch em whenever and wherever i can :) hope you had fun!
not a bad blog too!

15 January, 2006 22:24


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