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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dilli, jo ayk shahr tha ...

I am in Delhi (shouldn't that be Dehli --- or even Dilli?) and expect to be here for only a couple of weeks if all my medical investigations go well ... The next 3 days will govern what the rest of the trip will turn into. Regardless of the outcome, a trip to Delhi is always like an intravenous dose of Jolt Cola! I am feeling more alive than I have ever felt since the surgery in Feb. While doctors are taking care of the body, staying at Tarun's is a boost for the mind. Shubha and Aneesh arrive on the 6th, so that should take care of the soul.

Am excited about dinner tonite, at Rahul's, and am looking forward to meeting Khushwant Ji whose mental motor is still running full-speed, at 91!!! (Note to myself: Must remember to photograph his bedroom door and put the pic into a later post.) Daykhna qismat keh aap apnay peh rashk aajae hae ...

Started on Tarun's tehelka-aamayz first novel, The Alchemy of Desire. It's fast gaining international success: he is being compared to Lawrence, Hemingway and Marquez; translations are becoming available in a number of languages; the French edition is in its 3rd printing in one month. Many are already betting that the next Booker will be his.

Nothing, not even being with friends in one of my favourite cities, exists without a downside. Internet connectivity is a nightmare in this house, made several orders of magnitude worse because of my having to use an effing PC Desktop. But for everyone used to the bliss of unanchored WiFi --- even if s/he was a Windows-using masochist --- this would be painful. To top it all, the mouse feels as if it has been part of some macabre behaviorist experiments. I've just got to make technology work decently around here. Or find a cybercafe that provides a good mix of broadband and espresso.

Have just asked someone to connect a NetLink AAW (Apple Airport Wannabe) here asap. With my PowerBook connected to the Net, all the news that's unfit to print will be back here.

So, watch this space ...

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Blogger insiya said...

Please, get me a signed copy of Tejpal's book (in my name):).

Or, is it too much to ask for?

:/ :\ ;)

p.s. also, bring back pics/reviews/exclusive tracks by Shubha. And inform her that the BBC Urdu service show deserves an encore! :) Put her in your luggage and bring her 'home'. thanks. :D

06 October, 2005 12:48

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Tarun has moved one step closer, in the latest shortlist, to winning France's prestigious Prix Femina Etranger award for the best foreign novel.

The award involves a rigorous 11-member jury process that lasts for several months until the declaration of the winner in November, It has never been won by an author from India.

The French translation of his English novel "The Alchemy of Desire" is called "Loin De Chandigarh" ... which means Far From Chandigarh and NOT The Loins of Chandigarh as some of you may wish to imagine ;~)

06 October, 2005 17:33


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