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Thursday, September 19, 2013

50 Years Ago

It was the 19th of September 1963 when Abi died.


He was loved immensely by me. Hardly a day has passed when I do not think of him. I think of him when I read a book or even read a great sentence. I think of him when I listen to Eastern Classical Music; Operas; Symphonies; Qavvaalis. I think of him when someone asks for a piece of the shajraa: how quickly he would bring out his Sheaffer's and draw it out on his pad. I think of him every time I wish I should have heard family stories more often from him. I think of him when I hear a great shayr. I think of him each time I open his Ghazals, Nazms, Stories. I even think of him when I joke, often.



It's impossible for me to talk about his day of death.
Far too tortuous.


Here is the poem he read out to me after I arrived
from a long and weary trip at sea the day before he died.

It was written 4 days before his death.


I wish I could write like that.
I try.
But it never works out.

Read the following if you want to know more about my Abi,
our family, and a few old friends.

My paternal family history - 1


Blogger hushed said...


Khaak mein kya suratein hongi, ke pinhaan ho gayiin

Much love, for I can only try to share your pain. Can't even imagine what you feel each day

19 September, 2013 10:15

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Thanks, #hushed, for your wishes.

19 September, 2013 11:19

Anonymous Sabeen Mahmud said...

Through your storytelling and anecdotes, your Abi comes alive for us. I have but a sense of the intensity of your pain and how much you miss him. It breaks my heart :( He is one of the only people I have never met whom I regret not knowing. Am glad we at least have his poems and other writings. Much love.

25 September, 2013 11:30

Anonymous Salman Siddiqui said...

I am glad you are doing well now. To read your posts is sheer delight.

01 October, 2013 11:40

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Thank you Sabeen, but I am sure I have bored you enough with details about him.

Thanks, Salman Siddiqui sahab. It's always a pleasure to read your words.

13 October, 2013 20:56


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