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Monday, February 18, 2013

He NOSE about it all!

Start from my last blogpost
in case you don't know what this is about.

Look hard at this pic and you'll find that there is a bump on my right side of the nose. Not a very good picture but that's all I could do at that time from my iPhone.

This is where the crooked nose bone had cracked an artery. The doctor cauterised me with Silver Nitrate, put in a cotton wad dumped heavily with medicine (yes!!! all the way up) … and it was painful, even apart from the anaesthesia. But he said it would be over. Although I wasn't too sure.

A night with Lexotanil. 

The next day, quite apart from the dismay that an alien object was sitting in my nose, I was Ok-ish but feeling a bit weak with lack of blood and sleep. And computers.

Another night with Lexotanil!

It was 6.15 am when woke up - still feeling groggy - and discovered that my bed cover had blood.

No. Not blood.

A rush to the bathroom, pouring blood into the washbasin until I thought it was far too much. Blew my nose. Removed the wad. Shoved some cotton with a bit of medicine all the way up and after a couple of minutes it stopped pouring out but I could feel the sounds inside.

Sent a message to the doctor and he said I should come in at 7.30 and see him again. "Nothing to worry about. Just control your bleeding …"is what he said.

Control? Hmmm. I bled from 6.15 am to 5.45 pm - changing wads, flowing with blood everywhere, no food, feeling tired (but not too tired, anyway) and finally got to see him in the evening.

"The nose looks good," said Doc. "The Silver Nitrate has worked. Now there are some capillaries that are leaking because the main artery has been stopped from bleeding. That's why there's this blood."

I didn't really care what was bleeding. I wanted it stopped. I blew my nose - along with heavy clots that had formed - and was then subjected to a cotton full of anaesthesia stuck up my nose while I was standing (which also led to my lips being anaesthetised, I guess). A bit of a pain that i could bear. I sat for a while until the Doc put out a new cottonish wad with loads of brownish medicine and said I should lie down. He then (painlessly for him but very painfully for me) shoved the thingy all the way up my nose, twisting and turning. He said, "The nose is rather crooked and we have to stop everything from bleeding!" … and so, after what seemed like several minutes (btw, the clock showed only 4 minutes), it was done. So was I.

This was followed by more cotton, plain, shoved in the beginning because he said there'd be leaks. Sometimes. They actually started while I was in his office and continued all of the next day.

Given more medicine to do this again if needed, I was told to preferably let the main wad remain inside. I did. I had to have a new ointment made at Kausar Medico before I went to see him again the next day.
The driver went to the Kausar Medico at a chowk nearby and was told that he would get it in 5 days. So he went off to Kausar Medico on Bunder Road and was told that he could pick it up in 5 hours. He did this. I am only mentioning that if anyone needs to go to Kausar Medico for a prepared ointment, Bunder Road is the answer for quick service.
At 8.30 I saw the doctor again (That was on Saturday) and he really felt that all was well and I would not bleed at all. I have to remove and reinsert new wads with this ointment for 5 more days and check it with him on Thursday when he will pronounce me, I hope, "All well!"

So bye … and thanks for reading all this. I feel really great. The nose leaks continue with the medicinal secretions. No bleedings, so far. Hope it's over.

Feeling a little weak … but nothing that good old ice cream won't cure :)

(I am sure you guessed what the above picture was!) 

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Anonymous mcphisto said...

What flavour would you like to have?

18 February, 2013 14:54

Anonymous Jehan said...

Gosh what a painful and scary experience. Glad it is over and you are well enough to blog about it. Take care. What can one get you to replenish the energy and blood you have lost?

18 February, 2013 14:58

Blogger Zakintosh said...

I don't know where you are, mcphisto, so asking for a flavour is tricky. If in Karachi I'd love Gelato Affair's Sugar Free Chocolate.

Jehan: I believe you are extremely unwell. Get well soon and that should bring my energy …

18 February, 2013 15:03

Anonymous Soraya said...

That sounds horrible! Glad youre better now.
I currently have a weird painful boil under my right eyelid.
BUT its kind of cool (in some sad way)-if I close my left eye then the infected one has blurred vision and then it auto-focuses after a few seconds exactly like a camera. I don't know why Im telling you this. Maybe cause im doing it right now. haha GET WELL SOON :*

18 February, 2013 15:45


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