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Monday, December 06, 2010

I am a lunatic Skeptoid maniac … and want you to be one, too

Finding that his good, scientific theories - on several internet platforms on which he challenged the believers - were always made fun of, Brian Dunning decided to start the Skeptoid podcast service.

"If rationally examining pseudoscientific claims makes me an evil skeptoid
debunkatron, so be it. I'll even help out by so identifying myself up front."

Words on their website state, 'each weekly episode focuses on a single phenomenon that you've heard of … and that you probably believe in'. There are topics from Aliens & UFOs, Religion, Urban Legends, Logic & Persuasion, Health, and a lot more.

Always a treat to listen to, I subscribe to it on iTunes but you can have your own way of getting it by going here.

To start you off, here's an example that a lot of you may be interested in:


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Blogger Maleeha said...

Too bad the actor Josh Duhamel doesn't follow the Skeptoid podcast, or he could have avoided the embarrassment he faced after being kicked off a plane last week: CTRL+click here to read the story that appeared in the Vancouver Sun this morning.

07 December, 2010 16:02

Blogger Maleeha said...

GAAAAAAAHHHH...blogspot won't allow you to have a link open in a new window! Yeh kaunsi sadee mayn rehtae hain?! Voh bhi Google se khareeday jaanay kay baad!

07 December, 2010 16:07


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