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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There were parks everywhere. Children playing. People relaxing. And loads of teeny weeny things to eat and drink and oogle.

And … Ohh, NYC, I love you for your food and drink. Went into tons of restaurants. There's a good one every few steps in NYC. From Chinese dumplings, to Japanese sushi, to Vietnamese dinner. It's the best Eastern food you can get out of the East. Slurrrrrp.

Fell in love with the Financier Pastry Shop (Ufff … the Chocolate Eclair!!!) … So went back to it on many days. Imagine: Sabeen, Ragni, and I — eating out on Wall Street! Haahaa!

There was so much amazing food and drink  - most of it impossible to mention here - that I really enjoyed. A fabulous vacation … food, drinks, daughter. If there was any time we couldn't or didn't go out, I was fed with colossal things  at home. Crumpets, too!

There were good trips to a Sushi joint near Ragni's home and lovely food from our trips to the delightful Pillow and Outboard cafés.
Sabeen took me to the Chelsea Market area. A whole afternoon needs to be spent there, looking and eating at bakeries, rolls, cookies, Ginger ice cream, seafoooooooood, and tons of little wizardy things.

Had to rush home from there for Ragni, because her back was in great pain. Took 3 days to get well. I was glad I was there with her. I think she slept rather badly and strained it. But it did mean that we managed to stay together at home and went out for a walk.

Of course, we had a last minute taxi ride to and back from Bun Soho to say goodbye to Sabeen (and eat Vietnamese food).

And, finally, Ben & Jerry's, my favouritest ice cream. It's added more to its charms and increased its great flavors …

... but it has given up its REAL anti-establishment leaflets and containers. Pity. Walls say kyaa kahayñ?



Blogger ten said...

Wow Zaheer - sounds like you had a great time. Hope to see you soon. Love. Sheema

27 July, 2010 13:41


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