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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Bought an amazing book for myself - a really great graphic book (or is that two graphic books in one volume?) by Joe Sacco. Brilliant. If you've never read any graphic novel, this is where you can start. And do get his Palestine, too.

Couldn't resist getting a tray for the house, with Lichtenstein's comic work on it. Looking at his work in its full size shakes your pants off! Wow!!!

And, finally, a really lovely single-rose vase for  for Nuzhat (It's her birthday — pity we missed being together, but she was with her brother in Islamabad, so it must have gone well). It looks amazing - and was bought at MoMA! (Yes, yes. I promise. Museum pix coming soon!)

Üff. I wish we could have stuff like this in Karachi. Sometimes. But ... damn! The good old days of Jazz, musical celebrities, the USIS and the Brit Council, movie award winners, exhibitions and plays are over now.



Anonymous Jehan said...

Uff the beauty and the simplicity of the vase. What I wouldn't give to just look at some of this stuff here - not necessarily buy it. The tray is gorgeous. Again things that are soooo possible here although there will never be another Lichtenstein's.I have read Palestine. This new one looks good. Might come and read it in your library. Wouldn't dare remove it from there or carry it around.

25 July, 2010 08:01

Blogger Taban Khamosh said...

Joe Sacco's works on the Bosnian conflict are also well worth a read (Safe Area Gorzde, The fixer and War's end)

26 July, 2010 03:03

Blogger Quizman said...

Joe Sacco's brilliant and well, exhausting. Somehow viewing the stark almost clinical pictures of atrocities made me pause many a time whilst reading his works. But his creative and observational power (coupled with empathy) makes him the pioneer of the war journalism comic genre. (Incidentally, he hates the term graphic novel).

26 July, 2010 22:57


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