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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Got to see Juán in the evening when we went out for dinner with Ragni, Julián, Sabeen. NYC seems to have so much going for it. Yet, it's so different from London, my favourite city (still …)!

The term - Metropolitan - takes on an entirely different meaning in NYC. The tubes, the buses, the walks, they are all so full of people of so many different shades and colours and religions. (Ohh, The iPhone and iPads abound!!!)

Saw NYC all over again. Took trips to museums, shops (window-shoppping, only, though), parks — and loads and loads to eat and drink. Museum post photographs will follow, soon. 

Pity that Julián was off to Europe shortly … but it was great seeing him while he was around. Ragni's looking so happy (and a bit distressed, too) at her work. Will be on some leave during my stay so we can have loads of nutty things to do. Met many of Ragni's wonderful friends. Ben was there, often. It was wonderful to meet Hira & Yasmin again. Saw Seth after 7 years of hearing Ragni talk of him. Kate was great fun and I've just gotta start buying some of her stuff (more on that later).



Anonymous Jehan said...

Well Zak Hong Kong is much like NYC - a mini version of it and not that many people of different colours are visible in every locality but generally there are Chinese, Filipinas, South Asians, Europeans, Americans. It is another city I would call Metropolitan. But of course it doesn't have the museums and the large parks and it's missing the jazz and the Apple Store!But both cities certainly have their own charm.

25 July, 2010 08:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so, so lucky to enjoy a drink and good company that too in New York City, Zak!


09 September, 2010 17:07


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