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Thursday, November 13, 2008

And then we wonder why ...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


It turns my stomach, even more when I see the young audience and I just want to throw up when I see headlines like two school going girls, blinded by acid attack.


13 November, 2008 10:03

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Ways to escape conviction under the Domestic Violence Act, I presume.

13 November, 2008 10:32

Blogger aziz72 said...

don't beat her on the face or hands or where you can cause injury? Don't beat her like you would a child/animal- slapping them right and left!!!!!
outrageous. I'm speechless.
Why beat any one?
And this is what they teach young muslims - with references to the Quran?
No wonder there are so many stoning to death, acid throwing, stove burns- "accidental"of course.
If there is a God, then this cannot be His word.

13 November, 2008 12:59

Blogger bayl said...

They can talk like that on national TV? Just when I thought religion couldn't shock me anymore.

14 November, 2008 01:13

Anonymous Nazra said...

This was one of the most vile clip I have seen. Is this the facet of Islam that most people ignore when they laud its glory and its accomplishments. I felt sick too.

14 November, 2008 07:06

Blogger Vic said...

Vile? Tsk tsk. Such prejudice.

This is clearly a clip from some creatively licentious television service, describing desirable S&M practices. I can't see a single reference to religion (unless of course, there are some in the voice-over, which I don't understand).

See the passion in his face when he says he wants his partner to understand that she has gone too far. He alludes to light slaps given to an animal (bestiality too! and then he goes on to talk about children - could be crossing the line there, you know) when it walks (presumably away, interrupting the ineffable joy of the moment - I guess we needn't inflame our imaginations with delightful mind pictures of the actual positions employed, with either camels or donkeys, whatever he prefers)!

And he clearly advocates no unsightly marks or damage, doubtless to emphasise the need to ensure that both parties (he doesn't talk about inviting more to join in, at least not in this snippet) are willing and able to go in for another round soon.

I am not sure why you bring these matters to our attention though, unless it is the desire to make sure your Loyal Audience learns to be more tolerant of other people's little foibles.

14 November, 2008 08:26

Anonymous Ziad Asim said...

Sick to my Stomach....

What about MEN when they go too far; What to do with them?

This is really!.....

14 November, 2008 10:10

Blogger aziz72 said...

A postscript to my earlier comment:
hate these bearded bastards and they get prime time on innumerable TV channels. Am seething thereby incoherent.Sickos!!!!!!!

15 November, 2008 02:20

Anonymous A said...

did some one bother to do a little research on memritv before jumping and getting your panties in a twist

29 November, 2008 20:02

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Yes Mr Sarcasm ... I did. And in the interest of fairplay, I shall direct those who are not aware of MEMRITV to watch this video.

Their agenda - however evil it may be - does not automatically mean that this obscene video, of itself, is false. Of course, if you or anyone else could direct me to an article, on or off the web, that states that the video placed on youtube is cooked up, or that the translation does not fit in at all with what the chauvinistic nut is saying, I'd certainly preface the entry with a warning that states that this has been proven to be a 'false claim' and also flag it on you tube as being objectionable, false material.

However, when it comes to this particular video - and I strongly object to its contents that can in no way be justified by any decent being - there has been an ongoing discussion in the comments section, which you and the others should read with an open mind.

I am not defending MEMRITV, I am just stating that if the clip is, in fact, incorrect I'd like to know. Or if it has been taken out of context (even if that will not lessen my disgust at what is being taught) I think many of us would like to see in what context is such stuff justifiable.

29 November, 2008 21:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an athiest and a woman. I think what he is saying is very wrong. But I dont find it something about which everybody should be so worked up. All the religions have same teachings and he is just trying to save his religion's ass. Lets not make it a point of Muslim Bashing.

22 December, 2008 23:24

Blogger Zakintosh said...

@anonymous: there was no muslim bashing in any of the comments that i can see. almost all the people in the comments are, in fact, muslims. and my own take on the matter is clear from the headlines: that it is crap like this that invites the bashing.

he is trying to save his religion's ass? he is the one who just kicked it mam!!!

22 December, 2008 23:52


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