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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Full Circle

Around 40 years ago, a couple of years before we were married, I introduced Nuzhat to the Sellar & Yeatman classic, 1066 & All That - a book I had discovered in Abi's library and had spent hours ROTFL.

As I mentioned - in an earlier post (where there are links to some interesting aspects of it) - the book was lost and I had been unable to find a copy.
In 2005 a 75th Anniversary edition was published and sold out pretty fast. So I missed it again. And while Amazon did offer some used copies through affiliates, I wanted a spanking crispy new book. Another printing had been promised and I have been eagerly awaiting the announcement.
Last week Nuzhat walked miles in Edinburgh, looking for it in numerous bookshops, and found possibly the last available copy in that city. What a birthday and homecoming gift!
While the book is more likely to appeal to those familiar with British History (which is what my generation studied), there are several things in it that are timeless, such as this analysis.

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Blogger Quizman said...

Are you sure about Amazon? After I read your prior post on this book, I ordered a new book from Amazon (here, in the US) and received it promptly.

Thanks for the recco. The book was fun!

02 October, 2008 04:49

Blogger Zakintosh said...

I was referring to Amazon UK. I did see it on the US Amazon list but on both occasions I had friends coming from the UK who'd have carried it in so I was going to have it posted to their addresses. Both times it was 'on order' there.

Nuzhat did say that Edinburgh bookshops told her a new edition was expected as publishers were out of stock.

Glad you enjoyed it.

02 October, 2008 08:09

Blogger Vic said...

If you like 1066, then do look out for Richard Armour's 'It all began with... " series, of which "...Europa" was a classic, but equally hilarious is the incomparable "Twisted Tales from Shakespeare" 'in which Shakespeare's best-known plays are presented in a new light, the old light having blown a fuse'. Superb illustrations, too, by Campbell Grant.

I couldn't find an Amazon link for "...Europa", but "...Shakespeare" is available, at obnoxious prices, but maybe that's a hardcover.

Also available, I notice, from bookshops that keep out-of-print stuff.

02 October, 2008 11:57

Blogger Zakintosh said...

I have everything in the 'It All Began With ...' series and also own 'Twisted Tales from Shakespeare'. My favs, too, are Europa and Twisted Tales ... but I'd also strongly recommend 'English Lit Relit' which casts its net wider and bags more than just good old Will.

02 October, 2008 13:23

Blogger Vic said...

@zak: Right. Why am I not surprised?

And in fact, a better search of Amazon (just getting better all the time) shows that all the Armour titles are available, including Punctured Poems, The Classics Reclassified, and English Lit Relit, many of them at not-so-obnoxious prices.

Still, what exactly does one want to do with an 'unabridged' "..Columbus" at $89.97????

02 October, 2008 14:32

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

I want your oil... => I'll start a war.


02 October, 2008 20:04

Blogger Bolshevik said...

Love the postscript the mostest! :-D

03 October, 2008 23:00

Blogger Quizman said...

Thanks for all the recommendations. This is great info for a person who is middle-aged (well, I turn 41 on Monday), but completely unaware of the gems that you well informed gentlemen and ladies are kind enough to share with my generation.

Incidentally, please grab copies of the many volumes of the Cartoon history of the World/US etc.

04 October, 2008 12:45


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