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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If Apostasy didn't carry a (disputed) Death Penalty

... I'd have switched to FSMism and become a Pastafarian. Yes, that's not a typo. I said Pastafarian!

Who, after all, can resist such clear-headed thinking as that of Bobby Henderson, Founder and Prophet of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The Gospel of FSM, which Bobby also authored at the peak of the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design debates, is one of the most hilarious spoofs of the generally unspoofable. Here's an excerpt from the section Towards a New Science:
... [S]houldn't we endeavor to give scientists the largest collection of tools possible? No one is saying that they have to apply a supernatural explanation to any particular phenomenon. Only that the supernatural be available if nothing else works, or if it is convenient for deceptive political purposes. And remember, this is not a radical new idea. In terms of years in use, supernatural science - SuperScience if you will - has the edge on conventional science. Conventional, or empirical, science has been in use for only a few hundred years. Obviously there must be a reason supernatural science lasted so long, before this empirical-science fad began. Could it be that supernatural science is more productive than empirical science?
For those skeptics demanding evidence in support of such a seemingly outlandish assumption, the Gospel offers many examples. Here's one!
The book is hilarious - but, not too deep under the surface, it offers a scathing criticism of the kind of crap that the ID proponents resort to. What else, after all, would you expect from a book that starts with this disclaimer:

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Blogger Vic said...

I was pretty surprised to find no-one had commented yet, till I read the wikipedia article on apostasy. Hmmmm.

Still, other than on CSI, one hardly comes across many cases of disputed death, penalties or otherwise.

wrt FSM, I found evidence of its universal influence in Lahore recently.

10 September, 2008 18:49

Blogger Bolshevik said...

Axe-seal-ant! Where do I get this book from? Outright blasphemy is getting boring now. I need to switch to this waala brand soon...

11 September, 2008 19:55

Blogger Zakintosh said...

If you'd been a good kid - which means returning to T2f to meet us old fogies occasionally, telling us what the beat's like on the street, giving us hope ... you could read a copy at the table.

11 September, 2008 21:26

Blogger Bolshevik said...

:-D Well, if I manage to arrange finances and register for my parhai-stuff, next month will see me fairly regularly at t2f in the mornings + afternoons. Not too many people around + wi-fi + good coffee = excellent parhai opportunity! :-D

Yes, I've [finally] decided to conform and get myself a college degree, albeit through an external programme so I'm not completely enslaved.

I'd thought of dropping by issi maheeney sey, leikin with this darned month, t2f won't open until evening. So I wait the month out... *twilight zone ka music plays in the background*

Word on the ground's the same-old-same-old, so to speak. Zardari has an adorable, extremely retarded smile, I've noticed. Apart from that, I'm currently organising a feminist revolt within the Party (shhhhh!), and I'm set to break Mr Cowasjee's cuss-word-per-second record any day now. Hallellujah!

11 September, 2008 21:42

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Ramzan nay to kabaa∂a kar diya. Aaj Qaidé Azam Rahmatullah Alaéh ki barsee thee aur duaaé maghfirat bhi naheeñ kee.

Hope to see you there from next month on.

11 September, 2008 22:04


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