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Saturday, August 09, 2008

This is a bit of a cheat ...

I've been tied up with a Spring-cleaning job in my Library, home to my books and audio-visual collections. (OK ... OK ... it's not Spring. But, then, in Karachi it never is, except on special occasions!) This massive task has been undertaken to meet a deadline: Nuzhat returns from her Isloo/Lhr trip tonight and I think she deserves to see a cleaner space (though, to really make her happy, I'll need to do similar things in 5 other spaces :-( There was another incentive, too. I've wired up new speakers (nothing special ... just a small surround set-up to go with the new DVD player) and the sound-colouration caused by the stuff lying all over the space was bugging me. This 'detour' from my planned tasks for the weekend means I have had to postpone the post(s) I was supposed to put up today. Maybe by tomorrow night, if I haven't collapsed in a heap (probably indistinguishable from the one that's getting built up with the junk I am throwing away) I shall add one or two of the 4 pieces I have simultaneously started. So much has happened that I want to rave/rant about ... Anyway, among the piles of unsorted papers I found a little thaéla containing cartoons I'd clipped from magazines and papers --- and was immediately distracted from the task at hand. There are 2 - both by that absolute genius, Schulz - that I wish I'd found just a few days earlier, since they'd have made apt inserts into recent posts. However, I am so bent upon sharing them with you that I am reproducing both below, with links to the originally blogged bits. This way, I also get to lure those of you who cruelly ignored my earlier posts to take a look at them, too. (I warned you this post was a bit of a cheat!) The first cartoon makes a great companion to the Giles Coren post: And if anyone like the reporter mentioned in this post ever submits anything to you for publication, I suggest your response be based on:

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Blogger Vic said...

Not that the earlier posts didn't deserve comments (although the guitar hero certainly left one speechless - a rare condition!), yet a picture is worth a thousand words - and a lot less cruel!

Nevertheless, I shall be brief (and try to keep this under the 8,000 limit allotted to me by the pagan Argentine god Qli Che).

11 August, 2008 08:32

Blogger Quizman said...

Thanks for posting the cartoons. Brilliant.

12 August, 2008 00:15


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