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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Nuzhat



Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Best wishes and thanks for sharing such wonderful memories with all readers!


09 May, 2008 03:00

Anonymous Capt. Sajid Khan said...

If by "workbench" some of you think Capt. Kidvai was ever into health workouts, forget it. He told me something I always recount to friends. "I get my exercise by jumping to conclusions."

I visited his ship in Liverpool to meet a cousin who took me around. It was funny to see him and his missus busy woodworking in boiler suits outside the door to their room, with dust flying all over from their electric saw. Yes. It was a carpentry workbench. Back then I thought they were crazy, but now I am a 'follower'.

I started reading your blog, sir, after a link was sent to me by a friend in UK. It was good to reconnect via cyberspace.

Happy anniversary, sir and madam. May you have many many more.

I hope visit T2F in the summer holidays when I come back with my family. You might remember me as a cousin of Mamu Azeem Khan (the bald chap). You said, "Mamu, how can you have an intelligent cousin?" and, later, gave me a book on astronomy by Gamow to read. That started my interest in science. I see you ae still doing similar things.

Sorry about such a long comment. I will email you soon and catch up, if that is OK with you.

09 May, 2008 09:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10 May, 2008 00:18


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