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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Indian qavval breaks new ground

From the Hindustan Times
NOTED QAWWAL Munavvar Masoom Sayeed stole the show on the fourth day at Panchmarhi Utsav on Friday. In his qawwalis the audiences witnessed a touch of Sufi music.



Anonymous Ghazala said...

"witnessed a touch of sufi music" ?
what else is the audience supposed to experience at a qavvali? Perhaps this particular NOTED QAWWAL doesn't know JS (excuse the expletive) about qavvali, and is indulging in misleading his naive audiences by singing pop music with lots of clapping accompanied by loads of tabla calisthenics and head hurling to the beat.
Unfortunately, I have never heard of 'noted qawwal' Munavvar Masoom Sayeed, so I really should'nt comment on his qavvali or whatever it is that passes for qavvali. But sounds like he's the kind of qavval i'd imagine having loads of long unkempt curly hair crowning his head and beads of all sizes and colours aplenty around his neck.
Another possibility, maybe the correspondent of the Hindustan Times covering the event, didn't know what else to say about the gent and his group.

04 December, 2006 21:43

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Here in India, the qawwalis that one gets to listen to may be categorised into those in the praise of the Prophet, Sufiana qalaam and those in the form of romantic poetry. There are a number of mazaars of Sufi saints where one gets to listen to qawwalis that fall into the first two categories and the last one can be savoured, generally, in private mehfils. There are audio cassettes and CDs available, of course, of various local artistes, apart from those from Pakistan.

06 December, 2006 00:07

Anonymous Ghazala said...

@sidhusaaheb, with due respect, ( I am admittedly NOT any kind of authority on this genre of music), but Qavvali does comprise of Hamd, Naat, (praises of God and the Prophet), Qaul (in Praise of Hazrat Ali) and renderings of the works of sufi saints and ghazals as well, but in no way does evoking 'a touch of sufi music 'BREAK NEW GROUND'.

06 December, 2006 06:19

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

@ghazala: Point taken!


07 December, 2006 02:31

Blogger Maleeha said...

lol how did i miss this post earlier? hahaha it just made me laugh out loud! :D

09 May, 2007 23:58

Blogger mahboob said...

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