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Friday, September 29, 2006

Just an addendum of sorts ...

Among the comments on my Zakir Naik post, I received one that stated: "The author seems to be of the type who has been influenced by the western media, the love of the life of this world ...", before the writer proceeded to offer me a "remedy" for my condition with, no doubt, the best of intentions, wishing only to save a fellow earthling from a painful afterlife. Ideas and beliefs are not divided by geography, race, gender or colour. Materialism is not a prevalent idea in the West alone - just as the East is not alone in its 'willful suspension of disbelief' (a Coleridge term I love and frequently use), as a survey (by Mother Jones) of the country most symbolic of "the West" revealed years ago:
The absence of Reason as a guiding force is a global phenomenon ... and on the increase, with power in the hands of the likes (plus likers and lickers) of The Bushtard. Read the full article from which the extract below is taken.
Condoleezza Rice, a person who has helped to develop American foreign policy, in discussing freedom and free enterprise in Cuba, a country in which she has never set foot, has said, “Cubans are not even allowed to operate a hotdog stand.” Condoleezza’s lack of knowledge and understanding of a country less than ninety miles off the coast of Florida is obviously based on ignorance. Condoleezza's opinions of life in Cuba, in addition to ignorance, are obviously tainted by her Neo-Con ideological enthusiasm, her religious fanaticism and her hatred of the socialist teaching of her lord and savior -- Jesus Christ. Her knowledge of Cuba and the world in general is not based on objective academic assessment and political reality. Upon visiting Cuba and conducting a simple observational study, a student of political science with failing marks in political-Science 101 would be able to tell America’s National Security Advisor that on per capita bases, there are more entrepreneurs in Cuba than there are in the United States. A first year political science student would be able to tell Ms. Rice that Cuban’s can obtain licenses to operate business and that thousands operate cottage industries without obtaining a required license.
So let's not blame/credit the West with just the love of worldly life ... many of them are as involved in helping their children prepare actively for the Hereafter as are Eastern schools of spiritual and religious learning.

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Anonymous Ajmal Kamal said...

I should thank you because your blog led me to discover Irshad Manji's website. I managed to read the Urdu translation available there. It is a throughly bad translation; however, I was able to make sense of some essential questions that Manji manages to raise in her book. But to understand her point of view more fully, one has to read the original English version. I am keenly awaiting your review of the book which you promised to post n a fortnight or so. I was also wondering if a photocopy of the book can be obtained from you.

01 October, 2006 17:26

Blogger Zakintosh said...

@ajmal kamal:
Comments on my Sept 17, 2006 post - - continue to arrive and, perhaps, you may wish to respond to some in that section. My apologies for the delayed review but I have been travelling longer than expected. Will try and write something soon.

07 October, 2006 13:29

Blogger Omni said...

So, East or West, people are people; we're more alike than we think.

09 October, 2006 02:54

Anonymous en-light-ened woman said...

Just read about the Creation Debates to see where THIS reborn country is headed. All it takes is some GOOD Christians and Moslems and BAD Jews.

10 October, 2006 17:59


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