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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Space Wars

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Anonymous Ghazala said...

I can only sum up the concept of “Sharing is Caring” by quoting verbatim from Vijay Prashad’s column – Cry Havoc, Anyone who opposes Israel is considered a Terrorist. And I quote
The illusion is well-fed, that the U. S. government is outside this current conflict and that pressure from Washington, D. C. could force the Israeli army to the barracks. The plea that we should put pressure on the White House to act is misguided. The White House is deaf to these calls; it already has a dog in this fight. The call for the U. S. government to restrain Israel relies upon at least two premises:
(1) That the U. S. government and ruling class do not share a foreign policy with the Israeli ruling establishment.
(2) That the U. S. government is capable of telling the Israelis to back off.
The second point is mooted by the first. The U. S. government is not prepared to tell Israel to back off. Indeed Bush's enthusiastic statements and the fresh shipments of U. S. armaments to Tel Aviv egg on the Israelis to prosecute this assault. Even if the U. S. government did ask Israel to slow down or shutdown the assault, history shows us that Israel will not listen. One might recall the visit by the "man of peace," Ehud Barak, to Washington, D. C. shortly after his election victory (enabled by Clinton pal James Carville). After he signed a $2.5 billion deal to get fifty F-16E bombers, Barak hit Clinton hard for being "patronizing" and reminded the U. S. never to become the "policeman, judge and arbitrator" of Israeli relations with the Arab world. It is with some irony that I recall reading Clinton's carp over the July 2000 Camp David fiasco, when he told Barak that he could no longer countenance being treated "like a wooden Indian doing your bidding."
End of quote.
And Robert Fisk has more to say on this –Israel kills 34kids in Qana
Qana, of all places. For only 10 years ago, this was the scene of another Israeli massacre, the slaughter of 106 Lebanese refugees by an Israeli artillery battery as they sheltered in a UN base in the town. More than half of those 106 were children. Israel later said it had no live-time pilotless photo-reconnaissance aircraft over the scene of that killing -- a statement that turned out to be untrue when The Independent discovered videotape showing just such an aircraft over the burning camp. It is as if Qana, whose inhabitants claim that this was the village in which Jesus turned water into wine, has been damned by the world, doomed forever to receive tragedy.
And there was no doubt of the missile which killed all those children yesterday. It came from the United States, and upon a fragment of it was written: "For use on MK-84 Guided Bomb BSU-37-B". No doubt the manufacturers can call it "combat-proven" because it destroyed the entire three-storey house in which the Shalhoub and Hashim families lived. They had taken refuge in the basement from an enormous Israeli bombardment, and that is where most of them died.
Both columns quoted from Counterpunch.

These 2 columns came to mind when I saw your new post.
- Yes, Sometimes it Can get Ridiculous!!!!!

02 August, 2006 05:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@zakintosh: The dual-mug is LOL and thought-provokingly clever, like the title of the posting which took me a second to grasp.

@ghazala: Sad as all what you say may be, and it was sad enough to ruin the pleasure of seeing the post itself, what has this comment to do with sharing (unless you just wanted to share whatever you had in mind)? You ought to post it as a comment on on suspect paki's heart-rending post

02 August, 2006 10:58

Anonymous Ghazala said...

@anonymous, you're absolutely right, I did miss the point of the dual mug, and yes it was the first thing that came to mind - as in - eik hi piyalay kay chattay battay - apologies for ruining the pleasure of seeing the post itself.

03 August, 2006 06:31


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