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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


A soon-to-be-launched Urdu IT magazine had, for reasons best known to its Editor, decided to profile me (along with IT people) in its first issue. The initial contact required me to "kindly respond some questions so we can introduce you to give our readers a deeper sight in you".

Hmmm. Dunno if I want that.

Among the questions that I had been asked was to share the names of my favourite Book, Author, Movie, Actor, Singer, Song, and Dish. "Dish?", I asked; And was informed that they did not mean "Anteena Channel." So that kinda makes it easy... it's 'Marilyna Jolobrigida'.

I declined to be part of the magazine unless certain conditions were met. They could not be; so I am not obliged to divulge any of these highly confidential trade secrets of mine. But, seriously, how does one choose one favourite book, song, film, whatever? Maybe if you've only encountered about 3 of each, you can do so. But even then, for the choice to be easy to make, there'd have to be clear-cut distinctions. Like having to choose between Britney Spears and Billie Holiday. Or Kenny G and Charlie Parker. Or Adnan Sami Khan and -er- well - anyone else.

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Blogger the olive ream said...

LOL!...what type editorial faculty is at the helm of this thing? I am surprised they did not ask your favourite color.

ZAK, your posts just crack me! 'em.

28 June, 2006 19:51

Blogger urbaNiche said...

hahah...thats funny...olive reams right howcome they did nt as what ur fav color was...
n im borrowing ure khi time clock for my blog...will keep me connected to khi better ;)

30 June, 2006 04:14

Anonymous MMJ said...

What's wrong with Adnan Sami Khan?

16 August, 2006 01:02


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