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Friday, March 03, 2006

We Don't Need No Education

Horrified by the Education System?

In order to build a better system we need to know all that you think is wrong with it.

Come ... Join Roger Schank and me in our Jihad against schooling as it stands today.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a fantastic fantastic show at FM 89 IT WAS.!!! how do you do it!?!

what brilliant examples of homeschooling and the canadian compter whizes did you give?! although i doubt we have sufficiant coherent /cohesive think tanks available who can come up with aa comprehensive and unanimous policy on ANY THING!
but seriously....
how many people do we we have in our country who can actually think out of the box like for example you and some others (very few) ?
chalaian lets leave
playing safe is the best option even if it makes the progress in any direction stagnant!

the old systems are old school and non applicable and and the new generation is non skilled and directionless.
does anyone want to take any risks on any level in this country?

i personally feel that since
we are a third world nation which has got basically nothing to lose by experimentation in education system/ industrial/ foreign policy sectors etc cos the esblished system they are already running on have become fundamentally redundant .

if only intelligent, observant, knowledgable and senstive people like
you get more involvement into policy would be so much better. no?! :-)

04 March, 2006 23:57

Blogger Zakintosh said...


ok. lemme explain. that's because it requires working with committees and subcommittees and what-nots in power. i'd rather be a proctologist, seeing one asshole at a time, than meet all of them together.

jokes aside, i think roger schank should have been on at least the virtual university committee. we'd have developed a product by now that would have put pakistan, in e-learning (and business training), way ahead ... and not only in the region.

so, why is he not on it? specially after the prez himself suggested to our education officials that they open a dialogue with him after his thought-provoking presentation in isloo (in 2000). simple: 'personal politics' - a disease that is more rampant in academic circles worldwide than you'd imagine - led the list of reasons. 'not getting it' was a close second.

as for a paucity of others who think this way, there are many i am sure. i certainly know a few.

the current [12/5-31/5] exhibition at t2f ( by maryam asif - graphics designer and homeschooling advocate - and the discussions that follow it at the café are a good indication of how ideas are changing.

also, look out for tns ... opening september 2007 in lahore. coming, as the initiative for this new school does, from an existing and apparently conventional schooling system, it's the first step in at least acknowledging - kind of officially - that things are wrong in that sector. it also shows that the helms of affairs, everywhere, are transferring into younger hands.

the times, they ARE a'changing!

27 May, 2007 10:39


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